Here is what you’ll find at Brightstar Church:

Teaching The Word accurately is our top priority. We don’t sugar coat it and we teach it cover to cover.  We take great care in rightly interpreting scripture and we keep the focus on Jesus and the Gospel.  We don’t sway with changing doctrinal winds or trends that pop up in church culture.  We realize that believers have some differences of belief. Rather than letting those minor issues divide us, we choose to focus on the essentials of the faith that unite us.  We value genuineness above perfection, so we don’t put on a show or try to entertain.

We have a lot of fun, we love our church family, we worship as a family, and we invite you to worship with us.

Our goal is not to grow a huge church, our goal is to be HIS Church.

SUN 11:00 AM

1230 Broadway, Sulphur Springs, TX